What you say

I received the Reya dress a few days ago, and I couldn't wait! In addition to a superb and neat packaging, the dress is magnificent. It is super well sewn, and the finishes are perfect! I want to wear it every day because it is so comfortable and pleasant. The cut is perfect, the color superb and it can be worn with open shoes as well as sneakers/converses. I recommend 1000%, you really won't be disappointed! (Warning: it is very likely that once you have received your item, you will want to buy everything on the site! ;) )

4 months pregnant, I ordered the Marley pants with a custom size so I could wear them all summer despite my growing belly. It is super comfortable and light so ideal for hot weather. I love it !


Environmentally friendly

Each part of the garment is designed to be as respectful of the planet as possible, from the threads to the labels, including the elastics.

Slow fashion

The designs are created to become timeless pieces, worn endlessly. Each piece is made to order within the limit of available fabric stock.


For clothes that will fit you perfectly and for a long time, different customisation options are available.