The story

The story

How do we know we are in the right place at the right time doing what makes us happiest?

This question has guided me for years. She was the one who pushed me to leave my family, my friends and my country to go live and study in Canada at 18 years old. It is this question too, which led me on the roads of Asia and then Central America in search of adventures, new horizons and answers.

It was when I got back that I realized one thing:

the answers, I had them in me.

I then spent hours, days, months reading, listening to podcasts, trying new things. I even resumed my studies, thinking I had finally found my way.

When COVID arrived, our lives were put on hold and our horizons limited to our walls and our city, the obvious became clear to me:

I wanted to return to France, I wanted to live surrounded by nature and more than anything, I wanted to be free to live in line with my values.

And to get there, my best option was to start my own business. But then what? What talent, what passion was going to allow me to be able to “live off it”?

It was while looking, in vain, for beautiful eco-responsible summer clothes in my style that I said to myself:

why not make them myself?

And that's how the Gold & Skye adventure began.

Learn to sew, understand the textile industry, develop a “business plan”, find suppliers, create prototypes… I started from scratch.